6,000 Jobs Created by Amazon in Europe

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Last year, Amazon generated 6,000 jobs in Europe. The ecommerce marketplace needed more staff to respond to a raised demand in eCommerce. For now, 32,000 employees work for Amazon in EU—in logistics and fulfillment centers, customer service, supply management, design and development.

6,000 is the biggest number of created jobs Amazon ever made since its launch in the UK and Germany in 1998. Amazon vice president for EU retail Xavier Garambois said: “We are still in a phase of investment and look forward to being able to fill more positions in 2015.”

20% of the new jobs were created in Germany, the second largest ecommerce market after the US. The Amazon ecommerce mall employed 10,000 workers for full-time job in the warehouses and over 10,000 seasonal workers. The next country is the UK. And the rest of the jobs were spread around other EU countries where Amazon is active.

Amazon multi vendor marketplace company often faces problems with pay and working conditions in Germany. Since May 2013 there happened a series of strikes when trade union Verdi started forcing Amazon virtual mall to raise pay for its warehouse workers. The organisation said that the current working condition and wages were not appropriate. But Amazon said that their warehouse workers earn above-average wages by the logistics industry standards.

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