Alibaba introduces Alipay in Europe

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Alipay is a payment provider founded by Alibaba Group in 2004. Alipay provides secure online and mobile payments for over 400 million active ecommerce users worldwide. The service works with 200 financial institutions to deliver smooth and secure payment for both online marketplace customers and over 10 million small and micro companies. This is the 3rd largest payment option in China.

And now, Alibaba which owns some multivendor online stores has launched Alipay in Europe. It’s 400 million active users can pay for products in the airport of Frankfurt. And Alipay says that it’s just the beginning as in the nearest future they will expand their presence to other European countries.

Head of Europe, Middle East and Russia at Alipay, Griffin Peng said that after partnering with companies at Frankfurt airport, paying with Alipay will be available in other European countries. He added that Alipay will be available on eCommerce website where there are many customers from China. “We follow our customers,” Peng said. For now, the only stationary vendor in Europe that offers Alipay is Tripidi.

Tripidi’s cofounder Jennifer Noelle said that since Alipay was introduced in the store, more than half of the Chinese customers had payed for their purchases with Alipay. They also bought more. Tripidi and Alipay are joining the efforts to train more brands and retailers in Europe in how to effectively reach Chinese customers.

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