Allegro Launches in Germany

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Allegro is an eCommerce multi site marketplace from Poland and the Polish ecommerce leader. And it is now opening its doors on Germany. This move will help Polish vendors market their products in Germany, which is the 3rd largest eCommerce country in Europe.

Last week, the the leading online auction platform from Poland Allegro launched a German version of the multiple vendor ecommerce marketplace. Its main goal is to promote Polish retailers in the German eCommerce market. For now, German vendors and individuals can’t join Allegro. And the product range is lower than on the Polish virtual shopping mall website. By things will change when the German version of Allegro gets more visitors and customers.

The German Allegro website can become an important step for Polish retailer to sell their products to more European customers. In Poland, multi store ecommerce marketplaces eBay and Amazon are not so popular as in other European countries so will be a perfect start.

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