Everything You Should Know about the Most Popular Online Marketplace in Poland—Allegro

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In many countries you will use Amazon and eBay to sell your products in an eCommerce marketplace. But in Poland you might get fewer customers selling via those giants. Just because Allegro rules on the Polish ecommerce market. This is the leading online marketplace shopping center in Poland. And you must have a Polish website to be able to sell on Allegro.

Marcin Jędrzejak wrote an article about the virtual ecommerce marketplace platform Allegro where he points out that in Western European countries eCommerce giants such as eBay and Amazon are not so popular for selling and buying products online. The biggest online marketplace  trading platform in Poland is Allegro—it has over 14 million customers and 90% of them regularly shop in Allegro.

Allegro conducted a poll to find out about its popularity. According to the results, 98% of the respondents know about the Allegro brand and 81% of local Internet users said that Allegro is the first place they go shopping online.

Allegro.pl is a part of Allegro Group. It a big ecommerce company that owns an online payment system PayU, price comparison website Ceneo and other popular services, such as OtoMoto and Bankier.

The Shopbetreiber-Blog, where the Jędrzejak’s article was published, says that eBay doesn’t play a big role on the Polish eCommerce market and the e-commerce virtual mall Amazon isn’t even active in Poland. Amazon has 3 large logistics centers in Wroclaw but it still hasn’t entered Poland because of the eBay’s failure and the dominance of the local marketplace Allegro. The blog says that this is a perfect example when a local company fights global giants and wins.

The dominance and popularity of Allegro online marketplace shopping center are the result of its early launch in 1999. Since then the Allegro virtual mall became the leading virtual ecommerce marketplace platform in Poland. Since 2006, the ecommerce company expanded its business to other countries: Aukro.cz in the Czech Republic, TeszVesh.hu in Hungary, Molotok.ru in Russia and Aukro.ua in Ukraine.

You can enter Allegro as a foreign vendor through international platforms such as eBay or Amazon. The Shopbetreiber-Blog states: “This should—if you want to start the internationalization through a ecommerce marketplace platform—be done through Allegro.pl, but keep in mind that it requires a Polish-language website if you want to do business via Allegro.”

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