Switzerland Needs a Strong B2C Marketplace to Beat Amazon in the Country

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Amazon is the first place people go shopping online in many countries. Switzerland still doesn’t have any local Internet multi-seller marketplace that could compete with the virtual multi-store shopping mall Amazon. A recent survey demonstrates that ¾ of retailers thing that Switzerland needs a strong Swiss B2C virtual marketplace. It would be good for the country, so Amazon can’t gain more market share.

Another research from the latest E-Commerce Report Schweiz shows that Swiss eCommerce needs to overcome some things because it’s being influenced by foreign retailers.

According to the research conducted by the Swiss Mail Order Association (VSV) and GfK. Swiss ecommerce has grown by 10% compared to the past year. This is a growing rate that brick and mortar retailers can dream of, but not eCommerce retailers. Ecommerce in Switzerland should have done better.

The Datatrans survey showed lower growth rate than in previous year and 40% of respondents confirmed that they had to post a decline in online sales. The study suggests: “One of the reasons for this development is the strong growth in the market share held by foreign ecommerce vendors which rose from 18 to 20 percent in 2015”. Over 80% of respondents expect their ecommerce business to grow in 2016 and they also think that the ecommerce industry will continue growing this year.

There’s still no serious alternative to Amazon in Switzerland. Of course, there are ecommerce marketplaces such as Richardo.ch and Siroop. But Datatrans says that these two multi-seller shopping malls “reached zero hour”. One year after Tamedia acquired Ricardo.ch and Ricardoshops.ch and they still haven’t given any indication of the direction at which these two Internet multi-seller

marketplaces would take their journey. Siroop looks like one of the most perspective B2C virtual marketplaces in Switzerland but it still can’t beat Amazon in the country.

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