The Relaunch of Swedish Online Marketplace Webgallerian Has Finished

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Webgallerian is a popular ecommerce marketplace shopping center from Sweden. It was relaunched this year. Its goal is the same as before—to become the biggest online retailers aggregator in the Nordic region.

This virtual multi vendor mall first appeared in Sweden but it plans to rapidly expand its presence in Europe. Ingemar Gleissman, founder and CEO of Webgallerian, said: “Our ecommerce multi-seller platform is easy to use and easily scalable for new markets. We want to be the Amazon or Alibaba in the Nordics and our concept – focus on smaller and medium sized online stores – is quite unique.”

Webgallerian uses the classical multi vendor marketplace model: customers can buy from multiple vendors, benefit from loyalty programs and place orders through a single checkout. The virtuall multi vendor mall also sends information emails when something happens in the selected store. Like on any proper online multi-store marketplace, customers can create collections of their favorite products and share them with other customers and read reviews of products they are interested in.

Usually, ecommerce marketplace shopping centers want to reach bigger companies. But that’s not about Webgallerian. They prioritize smaller companies giving them marketing opportunities and payment and logistics assistance. Now there are over 140 retailers showcasing more than 425,00 products on the ecommerce multi-seller platform.

Together with the relaunch, the company conducts a rights issue of up to 1 million euros aimed at local investors. Gleissman said: “Online marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba and have become very successful globally, and very sought after amongst investors. […] In the Nordics, there are still only a very limited number of true online multi-store marketplaces, and we hope to rapidly gain the leading position in the region with our multi vendor marketplace model.”

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